Wasp Nest Removal Is Dangerous Work

Call for professional wasp nest removal in Florence, Muscle Shoals & Athens, AL

Unlike other pollinators, like bustling bumblebees and beautiful butterflies, wasps have the capacity-and will-to inflict injury on any hapless human. And if wasps see a human as a threat to their nest-as is the case in wasp nest removal procedures-they don't hold back which is why you should rely on our pest control services.

Because each wasp can sting repeatedly, even a small nest of just 10 or 20 individuals can quickly inflict over 30 or 40 stings. That amount can be fatal, even to people who aren't allergic.

Don't risk your health and safety. Call North Alabama Pest Control in Florence, Muscle Shoals or Athens, AL for professional wasp nest removal. Our team has the proper training and equipment to get rid of wasp nests quickly, completely and safely.

How we handle nest removal

North Alabama Pest Control provides wasp, yellow jacket, bee and hornet nest removal in the Florence, Muscle Shoals & Athens, AL area. We do this by...

  • Removing each and every insect
  • Removing and disposing of the nest
  • Implementing preventive maintenance measures

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